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The Smoothest Ride

You get a fine selection of beautiful summer-inspired layouts which you can customize with ease.
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catch the

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Perfect Wave

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Slide a a a event list 2 Fully compatible with the Timetable Responsive Schedule plugin, which provides your visitors with a neat event overview & lets them book appointments. Event Timetable Feature your events, classes & more in a practical, beautifully styled calendar layout. a 1 event single a a awesome event
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Slide a a a a Service list 3 WaveRide comes with premade service list as well as individual service templates that are just ideal for showing different aspects of your business, & making detailed individual service presentations to boot. Display Services Showcase all the services your business offers using WaveRide’s uniquely charming layouts. a 4 Service single a a Perfect for all
your services!
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pages for all uses

We covered every bit and piece your new website is going to need – WaveRide comes with a great collection of diverse predesigned inner page templates.
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Slide a a a product list 5 Thanks to WaveRide’s great assortment of modern shop page templates and its full compatibility with the most popular & free eCommerce plugin, the WooCommerce, creating a captivating online store is as easy as it gets. Online Store You’ll find everything you need to create a contemporary online store right here. a 6 Product previews a a Launch your
online store!
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Slide a a а a tripadvisor 7 Your visitors can make bookings in a straightforward and intuitive way - Booked Appointment Booking plugin comes as a bundle with the theme. You can also feature Tripadvisor ratings & a whole lot more. Booking and More WaveRide is packed with every single element and feature your new website can need. a Tons of useful
options & features.
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Make a splash with WaveRide, designed for everyone passionate about all things surfing.

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